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10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Estate Planning Webinar - Baltimore County

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Creating, Maintaining, and Implementing a Plan That Works for You and Your Family

Join us for a three-part workshop to learn: 

  • Estate Planning Background & Basics: How to address the four major pitfalls of the Typical Planning Trap

  • A Three-Step Strategy for creating, maintaining, and implementing a plan that works

  • A Process to Create an Empowered Estate Plan for you and your family

Join us for an educational workshop on Monday, October 5th from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM where we'll show you how to empower yourself and your family through your decision to participate in a lifelong process of estate planning. 

With proper planning, you can be:
  • Empowered to maintain control of your finances as long as that makes sense - in your opinion! And to transfer the distinctions and approaches you've discovered, including those who helped you most, on to your loved ones

  • Empowered to design and implement a plan to ensure you are cared for in your later years the way you prefer, and without necessary stress and regret on the part of your caregivers

  • Empowered as a surviving spouse to better handle the grieving period and your move to your "new normal," whatever that turns out to be for you - possibly even including remarriage!

  • Empowered to protect your loved ones from life risks such as lawsuit creditors, failed marriages and catastrophic illness

  • Empowered as an inheritor to better use your inheritance to meet your own goals with comfort and confidence

  • Empowered to leave a legacy more than just financial that reflects your own values and beliefs 

Attendees will receive a free pre-publication introduction to the Empowered Estate Plan book

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