Learn to Craft Your Legacy and Leave Your Mark for the Next Generation

Generational Planning Seminar 

No Charge. Informational Only. Nothing will be sold. 
















Attend this seminar and learn about:

  • How generational planning is replacing traditional, stuffy estate planning 

  • What happens when a legacy isn't planned

  • A tale of two families: James Gandolfini and Randy Pausch

  • How legacy planning can be a meaningful, even fun, process

  • How to plan for sudden incapacity

  • The importance of expressing your wishes and conveying your values

  • How to successfully transfer your wealth, tangible and intangible

  • A six-step process to start leaving your mark on the next generation

Why you should attend this seminar:

When it comes to leaving behind a legacy for the next generation, most people don't have a plan. But we want to ensure that our wealth, values, and history transfer to our children and grandchildren. Sometimes you need a helping hand getting started, and this seminar aims to do just that. 

People push off talking about estate planning because they want to avoid thoughts of death. But legacy planning is much more than documents and estates. It is a people-focused, holistic approach to leaving your mark for the next generation. 

Join us at [VENUE NAME] for an informational workshop on [DATE] from [TIME-FRAME] where you will learn to potentially craft your legacy and leave your mark for the next generation. 


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